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Slinging Swords

Academic Solo Project - Designer and Creator



Slinging Swords is a top down single screen combat game where the player fights off waves of enemies using an army of flying swords. Slinging Swords is a game that seeks to evoke the catharsis of games, like Fruit Ninja, while adding the additional challenge of controlling a character.

Key Achievements

sliding swords 1.png

Tools Programming

When working on this project I wanted to create a system for design balancing to be quickly implemented. I had been using Excel sheets to balance enemy stats and enemies in waves. In order to smoothen this process, I created a tool that would automatically convert CSV tables into enemy stats. This was one of my hardest tech challenges as I had to do a lot of experimenting to get it to work as one static function. All in all, I spent 4 days working on it and walked out having learned a lot.

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