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Pave The Way

Academic Solo Project - Designer and Creator



Pave the Way is a multi-level randomized puzzle game. The player has to use their options of roads in order to build pathways for each road to reach its destination. However, they have no stoplights and can only use the roads and speed limits. Creating an exciting gameplayer to figure out how each road can reach its destination without crashing into another car.

Key Achievements


Tools Programming

When creating this game I realized one of the great elements of replayability was creating maps. However, creating maps through the scriptable object variables proved to be very time-consuming. Considering this, I spent about 10 hours creating a simple level editor. This level editor allowed me to dictate the size of the map and what locations the player could build on. This tool saved me many hours and allowed me to create and iterate 15 different levels in around an hour.


Randomized Puzzles

When creating this game I had set it up to be a small randomized puzzle game. I set it up so that I could control each individual element within the randomizer without hopping into code. This way I would be able to quickly iterate on the system design. Things like amount of cars preferred placements, and many other things were set up to be easily accessible for design.

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