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The Trolley Problem

Solo Project -Game Designer and Creator



The Trolley Problem is a four player strategy board game. Player play as teams of opposing miners from two differing companies. The players goal is to load explosive crystals into the trolly and then to push it to the opposing teams base. Combat is turn based with players taking turns playing cards to perform actions.

Key Achievements


The Trolley

My main focus for iteration and testing of the combat system surrounded the trolley. Early on in development, I found that players were really engaged by the trolley. In light of that engagment I chose to redesign my combat system from the ground up, in order to better support the trolley as the core mechanic.


Designing Characters

One of the requirements for The Trolley Problem was to create eight balanced playable characters. When working on these characters, first I started designing and testing their core mechanics and roles. Second, I moved to calculating math in excel and play testing in order to focus on balance. Third, once the characters were in a balanced state, I added a diverse character biography to give players something to get emotionally attached to when choosing their character.

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