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Divergence (Active Project)

Academic team project - Systems/Combat Designer



Divergence is a high octane action game where the player uses their high mobility and ability to travel through time to fight giant futuristic-greek mechs. The game pushes the player to be clever and creative in order to take down the giant mechs. The combat focuses on the player using their high speed to duck from cover to cover and getting damage in wherever they can. However, the cover is destructible so the player has to be careful not to get caught without it.

Key Achievements


Learning Unreal

One of my biggest challenges with this game has been learning unreal. I am a tech designer as well, and so I wanted to have enough understanding of the engine in order to prototype and communicate designs goals to the tech team. To this end, I spent time early on before the project learning and practicing the engine. And when the project started, I made it an effort to sit in with the tech team and learn from them. This combined with my efforts to prototype allowed me to prototype a number of things.

Creating Enemies

One of my goals on this project was to learn more about creating enemies—from a design and programming perspective. And to that effect, I have worked closely with our team's AI programmer. While also following tutorials and reading the documentation on the side. This has brought me to the point of being able to work with our tech team to prototype enemies and make sure that mechanics are editable by the design team in editor.

Divergence_Prototyping 2.png
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