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Bo's Big Adventure

Academic  Team Project - Game Designer and Producer

Bo1 (2).jpg


Bo’s Big Adventure is a single-player puzzle platformer video game where the player uses the ability to toggle certain objects off or on to progress through a series of challenges and puzzles.

Key Achievements

BBB Low Fid Wireframe MM.png

User Interface

One of my tasks on this team was to design and iterate on the UI. This required me to change my process so as to include our UI artist in to my process. I would first design the UI in a wireframe form and then talk to our UI artist about iterating it. Then the UI artist would create a rough draft of the art for me to test. After some testing and iterating we would create a final version of the menu to be put in engine. This process was a very new and enlightening experience for me. It taught me a lot about how to work with other people while designing.

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